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about us
About Us 

Welcome to Al Fateh Technologies Co. LLC, your dependable partner for advanced IT solutions and services. Our company, based in the bustling city of Dubai, is dedicated to helping businesses all over the world with our extensive variety of technological services. Our specialized team of professionals combines years of experience with futuristic technology to provide game-changing results that propel our clients' growth and success.


We take pride in our capacity to adapt and stay ahead of the continually changing digital scene at Al Fateh Technologies.

Building a Robot

Al Fateh Technologies strives to be the global leader in the digitally connected future by offering future-ready, innovative and scalable solutions to its clients across the globe.


Al Fateh Technologies' mission is to build a more secure, democratic and sustainable environment to continue introducing future efficient solutions that empower the overall community as a whole.

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from the directors's desk
From The Director’s Desk

As the Director of Al Fateh Technologies, I am proud to lead a company that is at the forefront of delivering modern IT solutions to businesses. With over 21 years of experience in the field of ICT, Telecommunications, Data Centers, Cloud, and Managed Services, I have a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for technology. At Al Fateh Technologies, we are committed to delivering the highest quality IT services to our clients, and I am confident in the expertise and dedication of our team to achieve this goal. I believe that by staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation, we can help our clients succeed in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. I look forward to continued growth and success for Al Fateh Technologies, and to serving our clients with excellence.

Yusuf Musaddi


meet the team
Meet the Team
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Farida Musaddi 

Founder & CEO

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Nisrin Thakrawala 



Yusuf Musaddi 


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